summer dinner menu
menu changes daily, this is just a sample

 •  5

sourdough with dulse butter •  6

Mackerel toast with fennel, horseradish and basil  •  16

cucumbers with sun golds, pistachio and yogurt  •  13

chicories with anchovy and smoked bread  •  11

shishito peppers with tonnato and parmigiano  •  15

ham with pickled chilis, radish and parsley  •  15

half chicken with summer squash and napa cabbage  •  29

cod with cherry tomatoes, basil and burnt eggplant  •  27

mackerel with new potatoes, olives and almonds  •  26

Malabi with blueberries, rhubarb and thyme  •  8

our dinner menu changes daily

we offer several entrees that are always protein based -- wild caught fish and pasture-raised animals

we are happy to accommodate all dietary allergies

if possible, we are also happy to omit ingredients from snacks/appetizers to make them vegetarian/vegan. we are a small kitchen though and are not in a position to create off menu vegetarian/vegan entre


Of course, there will be wine.

Real wine.
farmed without chemicals.
harvested by hand.
made with native yeasts.